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Index: 0055C1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development

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Good Practice Information

CAMPUS was launched in 2004 by the Andalusian Government and managed by IDEA (public institution in charge of economic development and business promotion for the Andalusian Regional Government) to promote technology transfer from the knowledge system to industry by consolidating technology-based spinoffs. The initiative provides financial instruments to support those spinoffs with huge growth potential that are capable of generating new products, technology or services from research results. It also facilitates a link between universities and businesses, converting scientific knowledge into economic activity, and leading to the creation of a network for business start-ups and knowledge transfer.
The main stakeholders involved in the Campus Programme are: IDEA as the manager of the initiative, the Capital Investment and Risk Management company of Andalusia INVERCARIA, which is the first venture capital company at regional level and is 100% owned by IDEA, and collaborating entities composed of the universities of Andalusia, CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research), CTAP, FIBA, ISAPA and FSP.

Evidence of success

Since March 2005, 121 projects have been supported, and Andalusia is now considered the first Spanish region for fostering this type of company. The call for proposals is constantly open and many ideas and business plans are received for evaluation.
The success of CAMPUS is largely due to collaboration between the agents that integrate the itinerary for the consolidation of a spin off, with Universities and Research Centres. Other key features are the complete and professional assessment of the projects and the joint monitoring of companies.

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Carlos Ruiz Beneyto

Agencia de Innovacion y Desarollo de  Andalucia IDEA

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