Project information

Index: 0570R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location SWEDEN SöDRA SVERIGE 13 municipalities in Gothenburg region Västsverige Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2008-02-01
End: 2010-02-01

Topic of the practice

entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurship, coaching, training

Good Practice Information

The main target group of this initiative were school leaders, teachers and guidance counsellors - key figures in shaping the mind-set of children, which are our future entrepreneurs. “Growth” was process based training, where the project group helped the participating schools to create a more entrepreneurial learning environment. In order to do that the project involved many different methods that were tailored to the specific school’s needs. Entrepreneurial learning means knowing what creates an entrepreneurial mind-set and what methods can be used (i.e. more practical than theoretical exercises, encouraging students to try out their ideas, etc.). This approach has proven to raise pupils’ self-confidence resulting in a more positive attitude towards entrepreneurship.
As a result of the Growth Project, a template for a strategic plan for entrepreneurial learning was developed for the participating schools. This template will guide the schools in working with entrepreneurial issues.

Evidence of success

All 13 municipalities and 33 school organisations in secondary upper school or adult education participated in this initiative, involving around 2000 participants. The project is perceived to have acted as an important source of knowledge and inspiration for many participating school leaders, teachers and guidance counsellors. Target audience self-assessment indicates an increase of the segment who believes that entrepreneurial learning is positive or very positive for the organisation by 25% points.

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