Assistance centre for women entrepreneurship

Project information

Index: 0570R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location CESKA REPUBLIKA CESKA REPUBLIKA Zlin Stredni Morava Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-01-01
End: on going

Topic of the practice

Equal Opportunities, women entrepreneurship

Good Practice Information

The Assistance Centre for Women Entrepreneurship focuses on the systematic help in the business start-up phase and during the first three years of entrepreneurship. The Centre‘s main characteristics are an individual approach, continuous contact with clients and taking the specific needs of female entrepreneurs into account. Assistance centre in Zlín was established as one of the first in the Czech Republic. It is managed by the Zlín Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It started in 2006 as an initiative under the EQUAL program, and was later financed by the Zlín Regional Authority. Currently the Centre receives financial support from the European Social Fund. All services within the Assistance Centre are free of charge. Women return to the centre to exchange experiences. They can also receive expert consultations, for example, in business plan preparation, taxes, marketing, PR, cost planning and other. The Centre also organises training seminars on starting a business.
Target groups:
- women would-be entrepreneurs,
- women-entrepreneurs (first three years),
- unemployed women,
- women on maternity leave,
- middle-aged women,
- high-school and university graduates,
- disabled women.

Evidence of success

The Centre plays a significant role in awareness and knowledge rising. It provides specialised consultations, supports business start-up and management, as well as lowers risk in female entrepreneurship. It contributes to the reduction of women unemployment in the Zlin Region. It has provided 1288 consultations from which 102 resulted in new enterprises (data as at 31.08.2011). 500 women attended seminars (31.08.2011).

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