Finspångs Tekniska Verk - Small scale waste incineraton heat plant

Project information

Index: 0569R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location SWEDEN ÖSTRA SVERIGE Finspång Östra Mellansverige

Topic of the practice

Waste management, distirct heating, energy recovery

Good Practice Information

The region of Finspång in Östergötland has 22 000 inhabitants and the municipality runs a profit company called Finspångs Tekniska Verk. Finspångs Tekniska Verk manages waste collecting, fresh water supplying, sanitary systems and energy production in the region. They also run a heat combustion plant. While there are examples of big CHP plants in Östergötland such as Linköpings Tekniska Verk, the plant in Finspång only supplies heat as electricity is provided through water plants. The plant itself is of the smaller kind, with a waste storage capacity of 1500 m³. The heat production runs every hour of every day.The plant burns 20 000-25 000 tons of waste every year, which produces 60gWh annually.Finspångs Tekniska Verk has 700 residential and 200 rental properties as their customers.

Evidence of success

Finspångs Tekniska Verk is paid to handle the municipal waste in Finspång. 100% of the household waste in Finspång municipality is used for district heating. The district heating is provided at a market compettive prices compared to other heating sources. and also The price of district heating provided by Finspåns tekniska verk in 2011 was 825 kr Mwh ca (88€ for Mwh) and the avarage for the whole country for the same period was 770 kr/MWh ca (82€/MWh). This proves that even small sized waste incineraton plants can produce marketable district heating from renewable sources.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ranko Simic

County adminsitrative board Östergötland

Annex completed on: 01-31-2012

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