Agricultural biogas plant of Pilze-Nagy Ltd.

Project information

Index: 0569R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location MAGYARORSZAG ALFOLD ES ESZAK Kecskemét Del-Alfold Start/End date of the practice
Start: at the end of 2007

Topic of the practice

Waste management

Good Practice Information

Pilze-Nagy Ltd. is the largest oyster mushroom producer and exporter in Hungary, which started its operation in early 1990s. In order to meet its financial and environmental challenges mainly caused by growing energy costs as well as the increased amount of spent mushroom substrate, the company developed a project for the installation of biogas power plant with 330 kW electric and 400 kW thermal capacity biogas-engine utilizing agricultural residues. As a result, the spent substrate (3200 tons) along with other agricultural waste (4000 tons of corn waste from canning industry and 3000 tons of pig manure a year) is used in the company’s own biogas plant. The produced thermal energy is applied to mushroom production. The electrical energy, in turn, is fed-in to the national electrical network.
The outputs are: 1.23 million m3 biogas production, 2 580 MWh total electrical energy; 2 658 MWh available thermal energy a year. The cost of the project was 1.4 M Euros.

Evidence of success

This system is an excellent example of how small and medium sized businesses can incorporate waste to energy into their business idea and improve it. The installation of the biogas plant helped to solve problems related to the spent substrate management, as well as to improve the economic feasibility of the mushroom production. In addition, biomass needed for the biogas production can be obtained either from their own production or from nearby companies (e.g. pig manure and corn waste), preventing transportation problems. This kind of waste management is environmentally friendly and economically feasible. Produced "green" electricity is sold to the national electricity supplier. The utilization of thermal energy increases the thrifty management of company’s main activity. In addition, the digestate generated in the process of biogas production is a valuable fertilizer that can replace chemical manure.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Adrienn, Somosné Nagy

Pilze-Nagy Ltd.

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