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Project information

Index: 0568R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location GERMANY BERLIN Berlin Berlin Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006
End: 2009

Topic of the practice

EurOffice Services help entrepreneurs in accessing foreign markets and to internationalise their business

Good Practice Information

EurOffice offers integrated services, including soft landing and networking services. The soft landing service comprises provision of competent market information about regional economic profile and actors as well as a fully equipped office in every partner region. Networking services support companies in finding the right people at the right time (organising/supporting events, matchmaking, expos, and conferences). The modular set of services can be extended by other services offered on regional basis.
The benefits of EurOffice Services include reliable access to leading markets, events and networking possibilities, access to legal advice, first hand information on regional markets, and fast and comprehensive overview of the target region. Included are also welcome packages, visiting services, etc.
The common service is free of charge for an initial period (3-5 days), allowing the companies to test the region without risk, giving them the opportunity to learn more about it, its market, access conditions and potential partners, clients, and competitors. EurOffice Services help in establishing first contacts and opens doors for new business connections.
EurOffices are offered in an international network of science and technology parks, business incubators and innovation centres. The services constitute an efficient tool supporting companies entering new markets and are an excellent instrument for acquisition by science parks and incubators.
The EurOffice good practice started as an EU-funded project in 2006, since 2009 it has continued as a private initiative. Today, the network links Science Parks, Business Innovation Centres (BIC), and Incubator Organisation Networks (e.g. IASP, EBN) from Europe and Overseas.

Evidence of success

The network is open for new partners, parks and incubators, but also for regional cluster organisatioons and other innovation networks. The implementation and transfer to new partners is easy and inexpensive (Qualified Contact person/entrance point; provision of office facilities).
Success stories include successful entry of companies into new areas (e.g. a Brazilian company in Berlin, June 2010); successful matchmaking events for SMEs in new regions (e.g. Finnish nano-Tech
companies having met leading MST companies in Berlin, end 2009); successful expo participation (e.g. 17 foreign companies and institutes from the Baltic Sea Area during the Laser Optics conference and exhibition in Berlin, 2010).

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Yvonne Plaschnick


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