Birmingham Science Park Aston

Project information

Index: 0557C2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location UNITED KINGDOM WEST MIDLANDS Birmingham West Midlands Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01-01-1982

Topic of the practice

local economic development; create new business ventures; catalyse the development and growth of high-tech companies; create infrastructure for the research valorisation process.

Good Practice Information

Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA) was founded in 1982 and has been one of the premier Science Parks in the UK ever since. BSPA is wholly owned by Birmingham City Council. More than bricks and mortar BSPA works in partnership with the City Council to drive innovation led regeneration within the City and the region, BSPA offers the ‘opportunity to innovate through partnership’. It is actively looking to work with and bring together the public and private sectors. Utilizing the technology capital of the park, BSPA works to proactively break down barriers of communication, creating a collaborative ”place” where people with ideas, people with technology, people with expertise and people with money can come, collaborate and achieve business success. The BSPA strategic direction is aimed at driving economic regeneration in the Birmingham city region.
In order to achieve the 2020 aspirations, BSPA is constructing new facilities and ecosystems suitable for the digitally savvy entrepreneurs that will inhabit the location, and through digital connectivity create an effective interface between the location and a virtual community brought together to help ensure successful delivery of new commercial products and services to create wealth and new high-value jobs. The activities that BSPA is implementing will help create a global network of connected centres of creativity that will enable global exchange to promote growth. Science Parks Without Walls is a new model to support innovation bringing together geographic communities to generate virtual clusters to spark innovation led growth and regeneration. BSPA are integrating the full potential of social networks, and use ICT collaboration platforms to optimize the mobility of the main drivers of economic growth: talent, innovation and money.

Evidence of success

BSPA has helped the creation of over 500 companies and 5000 jobs. A renewed focus on technology entrepreneurs has resulted in the creation of 30 new young graduate companies being created in 12 months. These have been created in BSPA’s Entrepreneurs for the Future facility and are mainly ICT/Digital derived companies, which are indicative of the future direction BSPA needed to take.

Some innovation centres have already transnational experience through participation in as a partner in ERDF INTERREG projects (service innovation). The Innovation centre has been already presented as a best practice in European projects.

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Hugo Russell

Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA)

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