Instants d’absolu Ecolodge

Project information

Index: 0556R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location FRANCE CENTRE-EST Auvergne Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/06/2010

Topic of the practice

Public-private partnership dedicated to rebuild heritage and create a new eco-accommodation in a site with a lake classified by law as “Espace Naturel Sensible”, a sensitive natural area.

Good Practice Information

The good practise shows how a public-private partnership can rebuild heritage and create a new eco-accommodation in a site with a lake classified by law as a sensitive natural area, “Espace Naturel Sensible”.
The objectives were to support business development, to redevelop and enhance a natural area with a beautiful lake and landscape, and create a new profitable eco-accommodation.
To make the new accommodation possible the local authority bought, redeveloped with integrated management and classified by law a sensitive natural area (Lake of Pecher). The local authority also bought an old building (ruin), partly rebuilt it and rented it out to an SME. The SME developed the building further into the eco-accommodation it is today.

This project has been monitored by the local public authority, Communauté de communes du pays de Murat, and a SME, thanks to the public grants of the Regional Council. The local authority and SME have contracted a French specific PPP contract (“bail emphytéotique administratif”). It means that a SME is renting the building and will be allowed to manage it as eco-accommodation and restaurant during 60 years with the same rights as the owner. After 60 years, the local authority will reclaim the building. The investment was 500 000 Euro.

Evidence of success

Because of the public-private partnership (PP) 3 jobs (the owners + a cook) have been created.
Furthermore because of the PPP the lake landscape has been enhanced. Paths and tourist notice boards have been created to explain natural value of site.
The profitable eco-accommodation enabled the redevelopment of an old building and enabled eco-building, natural education and knowledge, use of local products, wildlife scenery and donation to nature associations.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Laurence Costa and Daniel Siegel (owners of SME)

« Instants d’absolu Ecolodge »

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