Landfill examination

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Index: 0554C2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location ESPAÑA NORESTE Bilbao País Vasco Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-01-01

Topic of the practice

Environmental protection

Good Practice Information

SufalNet's good practice on examination provides decision makers with a methodology for carrying out cost-effective examination of environmental risks of a former landfill. Examination involves assessing the acceptability and safety of a potentially contaminated site for its current and future uses.

To make sure that redevelopment of former landfill sites occurs in a sustainable manner also social and economic issues are integrated. From a social perspective, in many ways the most serious obstacle to the potential redevelopment of a closed landfill is not the presence of contamination, but the perception of contamination. Therefore, the manner in which the potential risk is presented (and interpreted) and the level of public trust or confidence in investigating closed landfill sites are crucial.
Turning to economics, stakeholders – such as owners, authorities, developer and potential investors – are likely to have concerns linked with future environmental liability. Thus an examination strategy deals not only with environmental risk assessment objectives but also with the communication of related information to all involved stakeholders and the development of a suitable, sustainable outcome for the site.

A common resource management strategy for soil and water systems in the EU is needed. It should reinforce the many useful national approaches which are already in place, based on common EU principles for prevention and remediation of contamination. The focal point of the strategy should be the improvement of local and regional land use planning and decision making by training staff.

Evidence of success

There are approximately 150 000 landfills in Europe, covering about 300 000 hectares. Most sites are dumps and have inadequate environmental management systems in place. To have the environment protected closed landgill sites have to be assessed and managed. SufalNet has resulted in a Model Strategy that is now applied in Action Plans covering 30 landfill sites and 500 hectares in 10 Member States. The examination strategy is applied for real sites such as Giant's Parc in Belfast (UK), Tuskesret in Pecs (HU), Schelde Veste in Bergen op Zoom and reinaldo Parc in Haarlem (NL), Am Froschgraben in Ludwigsburg (DE), Kaminada in Lavrio (GR), Cannetiello in Cava di Tirreni (IT), Granowo in Wielkopolska (PL), Zavoaie in Bistrita (RO), Myslava in Kosice (SK), Vinuela and Ronda in Malaga ES) and Plasencia in Extremadura (ES).

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Rene Beijnen

Province of Noord-Brabant

Annex completed on: 07-28-2011

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