Project information

Index: 0045R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ELLADA VOREIA ELLADA Komotini, Greece Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki

Topic of the practice

consulting services for business funding support

Good Practice Information

The Centre for Business and Technological Development was organised in the frame of the 3rd Community Support Framework (2000-2006) Operational Programme Competitiveness and it is financed by the European Union and the Greek State. Timescale After the ending of the 3rd Community Support Framework it is anticipated whether it will continue functioning in the next programming period.
The main activities of the Center are following:
· Briefing – Information – Cultivation of enterprising spirit
· Follow-up of SME competitiveness
· Individualised support / Core of enterprising advisers
· Organisation of enterprising services
· Mediation and exploitation of financial tools
The main objective of K.E.T.A. E.M.TH. is the exploitation of the existing structures (i.e. Chambers, Collective Business Entities, Development Agencies, Research Centers, University and Technological Institutes etc.) in order to provide reliable information and consulting services to businesses. This includes, among others, information about funding support potentials, provision of basic information and orientation in specialized issues (i.e. legal, credit, searching of suppliers, finding collaborations etc.) and improving the extroversion of buinesses.
Financial framework
3rd Community Support Framework (2000-2006), Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’, financed by the European Union and the Greek State (70% European Regional Development Fund, 30 % Greek State).

Evidence of success

After the accession of Bulgaria in the E.U. (2007) and the acceptance of Turkey as an E.U. candidate country, there is a potential development of cross-border character due to strategic geopolitical position of the Region.
Stronger promotion of its consulting role in a national and international level.
Experts dealing with the implementation of project are convinced that method would be would be easily transferred to the other regions.
The Centre could also create a tight network amongst SMEs from the three neighbouring countries, as
well as other Regions from the Balkan Peninsula and the Black Sea Basin.
The practice shows us that the Centre is fully capable to support the entrepreneurs who wish to do business in the Region. Potential investors have a chance to get specialised professional support and get accustomed to procedures concerning the setting up or the support of an enterprise.

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Centre for Business and Technological Development of East Macedonia - Thrace



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