Landfill aftercare

Project information

Index: 0554C2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location NETHERLANDS WEST-NEDERLAND Assendelft Noord-Holland Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-01-01

Topic of the practice

Environmental protection

Good Practice Information

SufalNet’s good practice on aftercare is a tool for programming aftercare measures for former landfills.

Its primary aim is to offer this tool for one or more former landfills as a result of examinationprocesses and/or within redevelopment processes. Without programming aftercare measures, technical measures will not be realised and invested aftercare facilities will deteriorate over time and the control over risks might diminish.

The secondary aim is to stimulate regional and local public authorities to start developing aftercare policies for former landfills, to improve the effectiveness of existing policies and to inform stakeholders in order to change the negative image of former and abandoned landfills.
SufalNet’s aftercare good practice distinguishes six categories of aftercare measures: • policies and legislation; • technical measures; • organization; • financing; • communication; and • legal measures. Taking appropriate aftercare measures across Europe will be costly, not least due to the number of former landfills that exist. Thus it is important to review the ways of financing aftercare, and to develop appropriate financing mechanisms. There are four main types of aftercare cost: • the technical costs for initial actions (remediation, containment measures, installation monitoring system); • the technical costs for long term actions (inspection, maintenance, monitoring, corrective actions); • the organizational costs for maintaining operational aftercare plans; and • the organizational costs for maintaining regulatory authority involvement (environmental control and enforcement). The actual costs of initial and long-term aftercare actions are highly site-specific and may vary significantly.

Evidence of success

Because most landfill sites are dumps and and lack adequate environmental management systems aftercare measures such as coverage layer, gas- and rainwaterextraction and monitoringsystems have to be installed and have to be managed in order to protect the environment. SufalNet has resulted in a Model Strategy for after care. The aftercare strategy is applied for real sites such as Giant's Parc in Belfast (UK), Tuskesret in Pecs (HU), Schelde Veste in Bergen op Zoom and reinaldo Parc in Haarlem (NL), Am Froschgraben in Ludwigsburg (DE), Kaminada in Lavrio (GR), Cannetiello in Cava di Tirreni (IT), Granowo in Wielkopolska (PL), Zavoaie in Bistrita (RO), Myslava in Kosice (SK), Vinuela and Ronda in Malaga ES) and Plasencia in Extremadura (ES).

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Rene Beijnen

Province of Noord-Brabant

Annex completed on: 07-28-2011

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