Ecolizer 2.0 tool, make the difference with this guide to ecodesign

Project information

Index: 0542C2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location BELGIQUE-BELGIË VLAAMS GEWEST Mechelen Prov. Antwerpen Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-01-01
End: 2011-03-15

Topic of the practice

Support for design companies and product producing companies. Also used by design and engineering students

Good Practice Information

The Ecolizer 2.0 was developed to help designers create more environmentally friendly products by making eco-design more accessible during the initial design phases. The idea behind the Ecolizer originated from the fact that despite the wealth of academic information and software on eco-design, it is rarely applied by Flemish designers or businesses. The Ecolizer 2.0 employs an updated set of eco-indicators based on the ‘ReCiPe’ method rather than the previous ‘Eco-indicator 99’ methodology – both single-score indicator methodologies based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This new method is still used to express the environmental impact of the production materials and all the subsequent stages in one eco-indicator number. The Ecolizer 2.0, with its fan-like design, conveys complex academic content in a smart tool that is quick and easy to use in any design process and helps to incorporate environmental criteria into innovative products.
To launch the Ecolizer several workshops were organised in collaboration with Design Flanders. OVAM intends to update the Ecolizer every three years from now on. With the Ecolizer 2.0, OVAM introduces a scientifically based tool that contributes to increasing the ecofriendliness of any product design.

Evidence of success

Several large and medium sized design offices and companies refer to the Ecolizer as their standard tool for designing and verifying ecodesign products. The demand for specific workshops is still growing as is the international interest.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mr. Wouter Ulburghs

OVAM, Stationsstraat 110, BE-2800 Mechelen

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