City of Venlo: New Municipcal office

Project information

Index: 0542C2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location NETHERLANDS ZUID-NEDERLAND Venlo Limburg (NL) Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2010-01-01

Topic of the practice

The City of Venlo is currently designing and constructing a new municipal office building based on the C2C concept by using the features of the location itself (river Meuse, sunlight, etc.), new techniques and C2C materials.

Good Practice Information

The new municipal office will clean the air by using a green wall. Life-cycle cost analyses are detrimental, as are the interests of the employees. Venlo will also define C2C goals for the total exploitation-time of the building in a way that allows it to ‘grow’ into a better building during a period of 40 years by defining C2C objectives and qualities for 2020 and later. The office building will be energy-effective, in harmony with its setting, made of materials that can be reused after demolition, and above all people-oriented. The design process started early 2010 and will be concluded early 2012. The design team counts representatives of the City of Venlo, the architect, C2C experts, and specialists in building systems and other fields of engineering. The new municipal office building will open its doors in 2014.
The estimated costs for the new municipal offices of Venlo are approx. 46 million euros. This is the total sum for construction, equipment, installation and finishing. The acquisition costs of land and the contribution to the public parking garage are also included. The city council (legislative and budgeting body) has limited the budget to 46 million euros. These are average costs for municipal offices in the Netherlands. In addition to the costs of construction the city of Venlo will specifically look at the operating costs of the building. What is the building going to use in energy, heating, cooling and lighting. What are the necessary costs to adapt the building to changing circumstances in the future. Usually operating costs are much higher than construction costs. Due to a design by Cradle to Cradle principles the offices will be durable, save energy and save on future operating costs.

Evidence of success

The building filters the air of the road and railway line next to the building by making use of a large green façade. The parking garage will be used to pre-heat the air in the building (in the winter) or to cool it (in the summer). The greenhouse, on top of the building, filters the air and provides heat for the entire building. Rainwater is gathered, used and filtered though a plant filter before it flows into the Meuse. Daylight ingress must be optimal, reducing the use of artificial light. The set-up is independent of the construction of the building. This will result in a long economic life. Materials can be used again after the economic life of the building. Size and shape of the atriums have been aligned as much as possible of the most natural airflow possible, so that less use need be made of mechanical ventilation.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

M. Weijers

City of Venlo

Annex completed on: 09-12-2011

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