KLIMZUG Northern Hessen

Project information

Index: 0541R2
Acronym:WATER CoRe
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management

Topic of the practice

Regional Network for Climate Change Adaptation

Good Practice Information

The KLIMZUG Northern Hessen – Regional Network for Climate Change Adaptation consists of research institutions, partners from business, administration and the education sector. The KLIMZUG network aims to identify regional need for adaptation and develop measures for adapting to climate change. To facilitate cooperation among the various stakeholders “Climate adaptation officers” and “Climate adaptation managers” posts were created and a “Climate adaptation academy” was established. The climate adaptation officers provide an interface to the administration, the climate adaptation managers undertake this role for business, and the climate adaptation academy addresses wider civil society groups. The antecedent of this initative was a regional Integrated Climate Protection Plan for the period 2004–2009, which concerned both climate change mitigation and adaptation and took an integrated approach towards these topics.

Evidence of success

Successful implementation of the adaption strategies are expected be obtained by the participation of stakeholders and the governance-innovations of the KLIMZUG Nordhessen network. Innovative elements of the practice include the governance innovations and the methodology for detection and evaluation of climate change impacts.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mario Hergesell

Hessian Agency for Environment and Geology (HLUG)



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