Good practices handbook and E-learning Programme

Project information

Index: 0541R2
Acronym:WATER CoRe
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management

Topic of the practice

WATER CoRe project outputs

Good Practice Information

The best practices, related to the topic of water and climate change, are collected in the Handbook. The practices are organised in five thematic sections, including water demand side management (technical), water demand side management (economic/financial), drought management, adaptation to climate change, communication and participation. The whole process led to a selection of 103 good practices. All the best practices and the lessons learned within the project have been revised and implemented under seven e-learning modules concerning the main topics on water scarcity and drought issues. Each topic is developed in a proper e-learning platform, combined in a chain of e-learning tools. The tool is available at:

Evidence of success

Each good practice is described in factsheets, which include reference to the partner responsible of collecting the main information and to the contact person, a short project description, the main results obtained, the indicators used, the total costs of the practice, the repeatability and applicability and further references.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mario Hergesell

Hessian Agency for Environment and Geology (HLUG)

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