Project information

Index: 0541R2
Acronym:WATER CoRe
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management
Location ITALY NORD-EST Emilia-Romagna Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1.1.2010
End: 31.12.2015

Topic of the practice

Establishment of a meteorological database for optimizing irrigation and plant protection for the regional agriculture.

Good Practice Information

ERG5 is a complete data-base referring to the regional meteorological and agrometeorological network counting more than 200 stations. ERG5 contains continuous hourly and daily interpolated data series on a regular grid of 5 km side, from measured data of the regional meteorological stations. Most of meteorological and agrometeorological variables are considered. The incoming data are daily monitored by a data visualization and interpolation tool (PRAGA) to fulfil the automatic and manual quality controls required. Similarly on any grid point, 3 days forecast meteorological data is available from a meteorological limited area model (COSMO), and further 7 days step of forecast is added from ECMWF forecast. Every day a full set of interpolated and forecasted data on all the grid points is made available for institutional and private users. Its objective is to established for daily supplying end users of continuous series of meteorological interpolated and quality controlled data, essential for the regional agriculture, as model application in irrigation, plant protection, fertilization and evaluation of climate hazards. ERG5 allows users to overcome temporary laks of data from single stations. The main stakeholders are the regional and local administrations, river basin authorities, reclamation consortia, technical support services, research institutes, farmers, private companies, etc. The financial resources required for implementation are around 100.000 euros/year.

Evidence of success

Evidence of success of the implementation of ERG5 good practice are the positive feedbacks from institutional users as the reclamation consortia and the regional service for plant protection. The reduction of water demand consumption is measured from the reclamation consortia where water balance models are used with ERG5 data sets. Some wide known products for water saving in agriculture, as Irrinet, are applicable at regional level only because ERG5. Most of the instruments for the integrated management program in agriculture rely on daily data from ERG5. The regional service for plant protection addresses local timing of application of pesticides and phytoregulators depending from ERG5 measured and forecast data. ERG5 allows public administration and farmers help to reduce the environmental impact of most agricultural practices, maintaining the target of a regional sustainable agriculture.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Lucio Botarelli

ARPA-ER Environmental Agency of Emilia-Romagna

Annex completed on: 07-27-2012

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