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Index: 0540R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location UNITED KINGDOM WALES Cardiff East Wales Start/End date of the practice
Start: autumn 2001
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

The Strategy for the Severn Estuary is the result of extensive participation and consultation from a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the Estuary and many organisations representing the key interests on the Estuary have been involved in developing it.

Good Practice Information

The complexity of uses and environments of the Severn Estuary results in many different people and organisations with interest in the Estuary and its adjoining areas. The Estuary’s management is further complicated by its administrative fragmentation: not only are there two national goverments (Westminster and Wales), but there are also many local authorities other bodies and users. In total over 50 organisations have powers to regulate or control activities in and around the Estuary. These bodies, at one time or another, consult on their activities and plans with other organisations, users and the general public. The cross-border nature of the Severn Estuary poses additional challenges for management and for taking an integrated approach, paricularly as there are many different organisations, plans and policies for the English and Welsh sides of the Estuary. Alongside existing management such as the Natura 2000 Management Scheme, Integrated Coastal Zone Management strategies and the
development of Marine Planning offers opportunities to provide a more coordinated approach. Although currently there is no legal requirement for ICZM, ICZM strategies do exist for both England and Wales in line with the European Communities ICZM Recommendation. However, these are largely defunct documents, now that the Welsh and UK Governments are focusing on marine planning under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. With respect to marine planning, seperate marine plans will be produced for the English and Welsh sides of the Estuary, although there is a commitment from both the Marine Management Organisation and the Welsh Government to ensure that necessary cross-border liaison occurs. We believe that it is imperative that organisations such as the Severn Estuary Partnership work jointly with the Goverment organisations and local stakeholders to ensure cross border working occurs wherever possible. To this end, the SEP produced a non-statutory ‘Severn Estuary Strategy in 2001.

Evidence of success

The Strategy for the Severn Estuary is the result of extensive participation and consultation from a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the Estuary.The Strategy document forms part of a mechanism for establishing a strategic framework to address the need for an integrated approach to management on the Estuary. It covers a wide range of issues and opportunities and has been developed to provide detailed justification for an integrated and co-operative approach to action on the Severn Estuary. The SEP aims to complement the work of other organisations around the Estuary and will provide a flexible service to all those involved in the management or with an interest in the Estuary. For the Strategy to be successful all those with an interest in the Estuary have been encouraged to accept it as a strategic framework to inform the future good management of the Estuary, to adopt the policies contained within it and to commit themselves to future agreed action plans

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Paul Parker

Cardiff University (Severn Estuary Partnership - SEP)

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