Establishment and operation of the Ecodevelopment Management Body of Karla - Mayrovounio - Kefalovriso - Velestino

Project information

Index: 0539R2
Acronym:SIGMA for Water
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management
Location ELLADA VOREIA ELLADA Thessalia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2003

Topic of the practice

The Management Body is a Legal Entity of Private Law (NPID) and was established in 2003 under Law 2742/1999 as amended by 3044/2002. The purpose for the creation of the Body is the protection, conservation and management of nature and landscape, as natural heritage and valuable natural resource in parts of the area Karla - Mayrovounio - Kefalovriso - Veles

Good Practice Information

The Management Body has the following responsibilities: The management & enhancement of the natural environment of Karla - Mavrovounio - Kefalovriso Velestino; The management & promotion of the establishment of Karla lake environment & other lakes (reservoirs) in the region and those of the wider region; Enhance the management of existing habitat of fauna - flora, with special emphasis on avifauna of the region; Enhancing sustainable development by rational use of natural resources, especially water resources of the region, with emphasis on the application of the principles of environmental stance in the primary & secondary sectors, and development of energy infrastructure, environmentally friendly; The development of several types of alternative tourism; Education, awareness & bodies for the harmonious coexistence of human activities and natural processes.

The functions of the Management Body are:
-The preparation of the management plan of the area;-The design and planning of projects & funding resources, for protection and enhancement of area;-The preparation of an annual plan for the disposal of water supplied for irrigation until the establishment and operation of the water resources management body according to the Directive 2000/60/EC;-The management of public land in the region of Lake Karla & operation of projects of Lake Karla & the other reservoirs in the area;-Conducting audits in accordance with Article L. 1650/1986;-The consultation to the competent authorities for editing water use and construction and operation of exploitation of the water resources of the region.

Evidence of success

Through the implementation of environmental awareness and education programs the MB have contributed in obtaining sponsors, who can help with both the physical and socioeconomic survival and development, while improving the quality of life of individuals and society.The MB has organized a number volunteer groups working to support their actions: a)water monitoring;b) Monitoring Habitat;c) Management of Water Resources;d) Organizing-Secretarial Work and e) Environmental Education and Awareness. The MB is being funded mainly by European programs and the Operational Program "Environment and Sustainable Development" and have begun implementing tendering procedures and contracts, for the scientific monitoring of flora, fauna and habitat types, in order for Greece to submit the relevant progress report in 2013, according to the Directive 92/43, although this is a national responsibility as a member state of the European Union in the framework of the implementation of this directive.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Dr Ifigeneia Kagkalou/President of Board of Directors

Management Body of Karla - Mayrovounio - Kefalovriso - Velestino

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