Ecological Bank of the Lake Modderige Bol

Project information

Index: 0539R2
Acronym:SIGMA for Water
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Water management
Location NETHERLANDS NOORD-NEDERLAND Drachten Friesland (NL)

Topic of the practice

In the Lake Moderige Bol a ecological bank of 600 metres length is constructed by using dredging sludge for the shallowing of the lake bank. The dredging sludge is from the adjacent canals and lake. In the shallow banks water plants can grow and fishes can spawn and forage. The aim of the project is to reach a higher ecological level for the Lake Modderige Bol, better angling possibilities for anglers and a nicer surrounding for the recreation boating.

Good Practice Information

Lake Modderige Bol is situated 10 km westward of the city of Drachten. The lake can be reached via divers canals and lakes that connect the villages De Veenhoop, Earnewâld, Oudega, Smalle Ee en Grou with the city of Drachten. A lot of anglers from the south-eastern part of the province of Fryslân use the lake for angling. Popular fish species for angling purposes are rudd, pike, carp, common roach and perch. Most species will profit of the shallow banks of the lake, especially species like rudd, tench and pike who prefer shallow water with a lot of vegetation for spawning, foraging and hiding.
What did we learn from this project? We can use dredging sludge for the shallowing of lake banks resulting in better ecological conditions. In some cases it is cheaper to use dredging sludge for the shallowing of the lake banks than moving the sludge to a depot. Involving a lot of stakeholders makes a project more profitable.

Evidence of success

In 2009 the municipality of Smallingerland constructed the shallow banks. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 they did research on the banks. Since 2009 the bank vegetation and the biomass of fish has grown. There is a bigger variety in species according to vegetation, fishes, birds and macro fauna. Only a small amount of sludge leaks into the adjacent lake thanks to a small basalt dam with vegetation. For tourists the bank is nicer to recreate compared with the artificial bank before.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mr Date de Vries

Municipality of Smallingerland

Annex completed on: 03-29-2012

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