Familles à Energie Positive

Project information

Index: 0524R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location FRANCE CENTRE-EST all municipalities of Haute-Savoie can participate (29 municipalities have participated until now) Rhône-Alpes Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-11-01

Topic of the practice

Energy savings for low income families

Good Practice Information

The Familles à Energie positive project aims to influence and improve the energy consumption behaviour of private households. The stakeholders are the municipalities, private households in the municipalities. Families gather into groups and 'bet' with their municipality that they reduce their energy use by 8% in six months compared to the previous year. In order to help them reduce their energy use each group of families has an "energy master" (EM), a coach that helps the group of households to save energy with practical tips. The EMs have been trained by the local energy agency (prioriterre) on energy efficienty matters and group motivation. A website was specifically designed for the bet. The households have to fill in their consumption data for heat and electricity on a regular basis to be able to compare their current consumption to their consumption from the previous year. The project was supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Europe (IEE) programe which supported 74% of the budget.
A further 6% of the costs came from local authorities: CGHSA, Conseil régional Rhône Alpes(CRRA) and ADEME. The process was such a success that it is has now been replicated in a number of other French regions. The funding now comes from local authorities such as mucnicipalities but also from national agencies such as ADEME and CRRA. The project shows that everyone can save energy with small changes in behaviour and that the results can be quite amazing. Simple measures like switching off the light when leaving the room, adjusting the room temperature and avoiding the use of standby power were important steps in saving energy. One of the keys to the success of the project was the commitment of the energy masters who guided the groups. They kept their teams motivated and provided energy saving tips. The support of the local energy agency, the training and information tools are also very important for the EM, as it provides them with support on technical issus.

Evidence of success

The most successful group of househlders achieved a reduction in energy use of 24.5%, worth around 200€ a year. Overal the project saved 545 082 kWh and 149 tons of CO2. The European wide examples of the project achived savings of over 9 149 756 kWh and 3320 tons of CO2 emissions. The changes in behaviour that participants implemented during the bet are very likey to become a real habit, which will allow them to go on with efficient energy consumption. The Press was also very interested in the competition, with a lot of articles and TV reports on this project.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Guenaelle CARTON




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