Ianus- Modelo Unificado de Historia Clínica electrónica

Project information

Index: 0513R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location ESPAÑA NOROESTE Santiago de Compostela Galicia Start/End date of the practice
Start: Year 2010

Topic of the practice

Health: Implantation of the Electronic Prescription, the e-prescription, in Galicia.

Good Practice Information

Ianus is a programme developed by the Galician Health Service (SERGAS). This programme aims to consolidate the electronic medical records, e-prescription and citizens access to all health services.
This programme links medical records among different specialized medical units, gives a transversal coverage to the gap with primary health care systems and manages all medical documentation in both cases.
Ianus keeps the current level of investment in information systems and makes possible its interaction with the other ICT systems at regional level. Thus, this programme allows us to know all existing information about the medical history of one person with a single consultation. In addition, the programme improves the current systems with new functions and applications.
The electronic prescription is the process through which a doctor, propperly identified with his individual
health card (TIS) with digital certificate and duly authorised by SERGAS, can prescribe a medical treatment in just one appointment with the patient.
The electronic prescription is written directly on the patient Electronic Medical History, which establishes a “pharmaceutical credit”. This credit allows the automatic emission of e-Receipts, so that they can be distributed in any Galician pharmacy. The main beneficiary of this new system is the chronically ill population, since the electronic receipt allows to automatically renew the prescriptions when it is required. Another advantage is that doctors have access to information related with the medication at the very moment of the prescription, and they also count with a treatment tracking. At the same time, the drug and sanitary products database is enhanced. Implementation costs: more than € 10 millions.

Evidence of success

Ianus is considered as a good practice and it offers great figures: 10 million medical reports, more than 13,000 users, more than 1,700 professionals connected and more than 7.5 million prescriptions.
As the backbone of the electronic medical record, IANUS interacts with other projects aimed to boost a new health care system like electronic prescription, or an important range of department information systems. All this systems will constitute the electronic medical record of each patient.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Jorge Prado Casal

Xunta de Galicia Regional Health Service - Regional Ministry of Health - Galicia (Spain)



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