ePlan – the Internet Planning Application tracking facility

Project information

Index: 0513R2
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location IRELAND IRELAND Midland Regional Area Border, Midland and Western Start/End date of the practice
Start: year 2004

Topic of the practice

Planning applications online for citizens

Good Practice Information

ePlan allows the citizen to view planning applications online. Maps and submissions may be viewed simply by querying the online system.
ePlan is an Internet enquiries front end to the iPlan Planning Administration system. Iplan is the system used by the Planning Authority to process all planning applications.
Eplan runs against a replicated version of the iPlan database, which is refreshed at regular intervals. ePlan is used to provide the public with information on the status of planning applications submitted to the Local Authority.
The population of the midlands region is approximately 250,000 (2006 census). This population is divided across four County Councils and a further number of planning authorities.
In some cases a distance in excess of 20 km can be encountered between the individual and their local
planning office. The availability of planning information online is a major inclusion initiative for the citizens of the region.
ePlan was originally developed by the Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB) on behalf of the State‟s Local Authorities. The rollout of the system commenced in April 2003. The system was then reengineered (upgraded to .NET etc) with the current version released in September 2007. This reengineering was carried out by a third party software provider, PMI Software Limited, in close liaison with the LGCSB and cost approximately €90,000.
The ePlan system is available to the public through each Local Authority‟s website. Once the citizen accesses the service they can query all planning applications under two main categories, 1. view all planning applications, 2. view received \ decision due \ decisions made on recent applications.

Evidence of success

The Eplan system provides a number of advantages for all stakeholders; the main benefits achieved are highlighted below:
- Eplan provides a comprehensive search facility of planning applications including tailoring of time periods to be analyzed. - Snap shot views of applications received in recent past with ease of use time period selection. - Snap shot views of decisions made. - Snap shot views of forthcoming decisions. - Provides a secure means of allowing the public to view planning applications electronically. - Schedules of conditions can be loaded up and made available to the public. - Provides a seamless link to online mapping

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Daniel Lynch

Longford County Council


www.longfordcoco.ie/eplan41/searchtypes.aspx www.laois.ie/eplan41/searchtypes.aspx www.westmeathcoco.ie/ePlan41/searchtypes.aspx ww2.offaly.ie/eplan41/SearchExact.aspx

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