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Project information

Index: 0408R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality)
Location FRANCE ÎLE DE FRANCE Paris Île de France Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2011-02-01

Topic of the practice

Paris has an emission inventory (EI) based on top-down and bottom-up approaches, for AQ modelling on a 1x1 km scale. This includes traffic emission data for urban near-field modelling (HEAVEN system, bottom up). They have annually reported emissions for some 200 industrial point sources

Good Practice Information

Airparif - the association officially in charge of air quality management in Ile-de-France - has developped a set of data bases and programs to compute easily annual emission inventories. The data bases contain activity data and emission factors data. As far as possible, bottom-up approaches are applied to compute the emissions; activity data are as far as possible specific to the Ile-de-France region; emission factors come from well recognized institutions (national: CITEPA or European such as EMEP). Since the emission inventory is built-up in cooperation with neighbouring regions, there has been an important effort done to make it rely on official, easy-to-find (for any region) data. Also an important effort has been made to track changes in the data and / or programs.
Regarding the financial aspect, the data used are often free of charge or available at a minor cost; maintaining the system up-to-date and running it requires at least one person. The stakeholders are the participants from neighbouring regions; public authorities at the regional, local and also national levels. Key success factors and conditions for potential transfer are mainly the availability of the data sets.

Evidence of success

The Airparif emission inventory has been used recently in many planification exercises in Ile-de-France. It is also used by Airparif on a daily basis for air pollution forecasts.

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Cecile Honore




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