Emission inventory for pollutants Rome

Project information

Index: 0408R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality)
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Rome Lazio Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005

Topic of the practice

The Emission Inventory in Rome is part of an integrated system to evaluate air quality in the territory and to classify it in zones with different criticality level. In this process the Emission Inventory plays a key role when it comes to verify the respect of the legal limit values, analyze pollution episodes and to estimate different scenarios associated with air quality improvement actions.

Good Practice Information

The current norm in Italy assigns the Regions the task to evaluate air quality through a classification of the territory in zones with a various criticality level. To do this a model system has been set up. It needs the definition of an emission input as well as a meteorological one (useful to calculate air pollutant dispersion). Within the emission input it's necessary to set up a well defined emission inventory. The Emission Inventory in Rome is built on the national inventory (Apat 2000) where all emissions are split in a) localized and b) diffuse sources.
The first (localized) include all those sources useful and possible to consider individually, localizable through geographical coordinates and chimneystack emission parameters, and defined by total emissions higher than 90/100 t/per year (or powers higher than 40/50 thermic MW for combustion process – on smaller areas limits decrease).

The second (diffuse) sources are all those not included in the category just defined which calculus needs the use of statistic parameters. Included in these categories are: point sources emissions which don’t exceed the emission threshold above defined, natural emissions (for example resulting from forests), or those linked to diffuse traffic flows.
The Emission Inventory addresses the following pollutants: CO, NMVOC, NH3, NOx, PM10 and SO2 as well as CO2 only to evaluate climate change scenarios.

Evidence of success

As mentioned before the current laws in Italy, coming from EU regulations, assigns the Regions the task to evaluate air quality within the territory. The emission inventory is a foundamental part of the model system built in order to evaluate air quality and the impacts on environment of pollution sources (diffuse and localized) and of traffic. Lazio Region, supported by Mobility Agency, set-up in 2010 the Air Quality Regional Plan where the regional emission inventory, in which mobility in Rome takes a crucial part, are the first step where are built meteorological and dispersion models to creata current air quality status and scenarios, making suitable simulation on emissions. These scenarios have been evaluated in order to reduce the concentration of PM10 and NO2 and fit with air quality treshold set by law in the expected period of years, according to different pollutants.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Fabio Nussio

Roma Servizi per la Mobility - Rome Mobility Service



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