EMIKAT.AT Emissions Kataster Advanced Technology

Project information

Index: 0408R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality)
Location AUSTRIA Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2003

Topic of the practice

EMIKAT.AT is a data system for managing emission-relevant data (i.e. emission-generating activities, emission factors, supporting information). All data and data changes are documented in the form of specific versions. EMIKAT.AT allows to • import, store and document base emission-relevant data and data linkage models • calculate emissions according to different models • summarize results according to user-defined requirements • visualize results as maps.

Good Practice Information

EMIKAT.AT was established in close cooperation with the City of Vienna Environmental Administration, which has defined the use cases and user requirements. EMIKAT.AT consists of a central data server and an end-user application client. The data server is used for centralized data management and backup; it is based on Oracle 9i. The purpose of the client is to allow the users – depending on their access rights – to upload, download data, to change data sets, to establish or change calculation models, and to summarize and retrieve results. The client is a Java application. Whenever the client is started it that checks the user rights and privileges and provides access to the server. If an updated version of the client is available on the server, the client is updated automatically.
emikat.at is a tool that allows the management of data that is relevant to estimate air pollutant emissions. Of particular usefulness is the option that all data are stored in different versions and all changes to the data sets are documented. This feature allows to establish emission scenarios, which could relate to different reference years, or different „what if“ assumptions. The scenarios allow a comparative examination of different versions of emission inventories – for example the overall effects of trends of emission generating activities and pollution control measures or the influence of different calculation models on estimated results. The possibility of displaying results as maps is a powerful tool to visualize results and to identify spatial hot sports of emissions.
The main applications in Austria are the Bundesland Oberösterreich and the City of Vienna who are using the toll to systematically evaluate the emissions and deduct actions plans for the results.

Evidence of success

EMIKAT.AT is beeing used by Vienna, Oberösterreich und Steiermark as ASP (Application
Service Providing). It is operated at the Austrian Institute
of Technology (AIT). The users are linked to the system by a broadband connection.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Austrian Institute of Technology


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