Development of company R&D support and R&D Centres - the Instituto de Tecnología Eléctrica (ITE)

Project information

Index: 0006R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Various Comunidad Valenciana

Topic of the practice

Providing companies with solutions by incorporating technology resulting from the execution of R&D projects and services, tests, training and technological diffusion.

Good Practice Information

The Electrical Technology Institute (ITE) is a private, non-profit association whose services, products and technological projects are addressed to national and international public bodies and companies in sectors involving power, electricity, electronics and communications. It is linked to universities and contracted researchers. It was established in close collaboration with university professors in order to get the best technological support. This R&D centre co-operates with the association of Valencian companies (AVAESEN) in order to work closely with enterprises. The ITE has gradually evolved since its establishment in 1994, applying the most advanced technologies in its developments and consolidating research results. Its horizontal nature means that it is always able to respond to the requirements and needs of companies in different sectors, providing services, training, research and innovation developments. It aims to encourage research and technological development in the energy sector; promote the modernization and diversification of industries; and improve the competitiveness of enterprises through the development of projects and technical support

Evidence of success

ITE has very successfully supported renewable energy development in the region. In 2009, its operating income (development) was 4.3 M EUR, and it supported 42 projects (22 company projects and 20 ITE projects).

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Esther Mocholi Munera

Instituto de Tecnología Eléctrica

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