Climate Agreements

Project information

Index: 0376R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESTONIA EESTI Tallinn Eesti

Topic of the practice

The ‘Climate Agreements’ focuses on energy savings and on carbon emissions and establishes clear the connection between the goal of emission reduction and economic gains.

Good Practice Information

The Uppsala County Climate Agreement (Sweden) targets industry, government and non-government organisations and encourages them to sign voluntary agreements to reduce their carbon footprint. The city of Tallinn recognized the importance of reducing energy consumption and that ‘Climate Agreements’ are one way of affecting and encouraging companies to act in a more sustainable way and it has decided to transfer the practice. Tallinn has produced Estonian and Russian versions of Uppsala County’s Climate Agreement brochures on four topics. The four topics included industries, offices, trade and catering energy saving information.

Evidence of success

The brochures were disseminated to different types of businesses during several events to increase awareness of how Climate Agreements can improve sustainable behaviour and have a positive effect on business energy policies and day-to-day activities from an energy-efficiency perspective.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Raivo Kiis

Tallinn Environment Department, City Government of Tallinn

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