Changing parents behaviour through children

Project information

Index: 0376R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESTONIA EESTI Vimisi Eesti Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2010
End: 2010

Topic of the practice

Educating students about sustainable life style so that they can influence the behaviour of their parents

Good Practice Information

The aim of the project is to change the behaviour of inhabitants and to more energy saving and sustainable life style. One of the ways to deliver information to people is through their children. The preparation for the education day started with a survey on Prangli island. Adults were intrigued about people coming at their homes to ask questions and suggest ways to save energy, water and heating but also a bit skeptical about proposals made. So the conductors of the project decided to adjust the message to more receptive public, such as school children are. At first, cooperation with teachers was established to find suitable pedagogical method. Based on the consultations, it was decided to use lectures and discussions in the same time, as lecturer made a proposal how to save water, energy or heating and students discussed whether it could work or not. The education day was organized in the Prangli Elementary School on 5th November in 2010. 8 school children involved. between the age 7-16. The day started in the Prangli harbor in new diesel generator station. They students knew that it is supplied by diesel and the fuel is brought over the sea, but it was new to them that the transport from mainland is related with great risks to the environment. Afterwards, the students went to the schoolhouse to start the program. Students were very eager to discuss energy improvement solutions at their homes and many of them planned to discuss the knowledge they gained about their homes with their parents.

Evidence of success

Most of the advice given to the students has now been used in their homes. The children also requested the lecturer to come back in spring to discuss the kind of improvements they have done.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Enno Selirand,

viimsi vallavalitsus viimsi rural municipality

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