Initial Recovery Assistance

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Index: 0355R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location ELLADA KENTRIKI ELLADA Pyrgos Dytiki Ellada

Topic of the practice

Emergency response to forest fires

Good Practice Information

The Greek Government reacted promptly to the crisis situation. They evaluated the needs of the population and planned for a series of measures aiming at initial recovery of the people affected by fires. The competent Ministries announced and undertook actions and measures for restoring the regular everyday life conditions in the burned areas. Measures were taken to support both short- and long-term recovery; thus, this constitutes an overview of the short-term recovery assistance measures, as they are often part of the overall response effort.

MEASURES FOR THE FAMILIES OF THE WILDFIRE VICTIMS The Greek Government took measures for the surviving families of the deceased.
IMMEDIATE MEASURES FOR THE AFFECTED PEOPLE The priority during the first days of the emergency was to ensure the coverage of the basic needs of the population in affected areas. Measures were taken to ensure the coverage of the basic needs of the affected population and initiate recovery.

A Special Fund for the Confrontation of Emergencies was created in order to efficiently deal with the consequences of this extreme event. An amount of 200.000.000€ was gathered from donors. Approximately 30.000.000€ of this amount were used to finance response and initial recovery activities in the affected areas during the first 12 months after the wildfires.

Evidence of success

This endeavor was quite useful and effective in covering the immediate needs of disaster survivors. Despite the widespread disaster, the disruption of the local economy was limited. Hence, it was both feasible and sustainable to provide disaster survivors immediately with the financial means necessary to pursue their normal everyday activities. Furthermore, this solution boosted the local economy, thus facilitating economic recovery of the area and increasing the resilience of the communities.

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Mrs Natassa PYRGAKI

Region of Western Greece

Annex completed on: 02-16-2011

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