Development of a wind energy plan

Project information

Index: 0006R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Various Comunidad Valenciana

Topic of the practice

Energy production from renewable energy sources

Good Practice Information

Valencia region sought to support the organised, sustainable and optimised development of wind power farms to achieve energy production benefits (5,500GWh/year) and environmental benefits (avoiding 2.1Mton CO2/year) through a renewable energy source. This would also have the benefit of creating regional economical activity and an industrial infrastructure related to the construction of these wind power farms. To do this, firstly, all zones with wind energy production potential were studied. Secondly, an environmental impact assessment was carried out in order to exclude all protected zones, natural spaces, special forests, etc. Finally, the electrical network was tested to ascertain whether it could absorb this energy production. As a result of these studies, 15 zones were indicated as suitable areas and two parameters classified possible wind farm capacity: reference power (the power that can be installed) and the maximum number of wind turbines (takes into account some environmental considerations). In addition a monitoring programme was developed to establish protective measurements. Administrative processes were initiated in 2003, but the state drafted a technical document to speed up and simplify these procedures. Developers interested in the construction of wind power plants had to present planning, energy and environmental documents. Direct and indirect effects on population, fauna, flora, vegetation, etc. were evaluated.

Evidence of success

In 2006, the construction of the first wind farms began and finally – in 2009 – 67 wind farms were connected to the electrical network.

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Pedro Mayorga

Instituto de Tecnología Eléctrica

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