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Index: 0326R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location ESPAÑA NOROESTE LLANERAS Principado de Asturias Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-05-01

Topic of the practice

Methodology of value chain analysis. Research to Market support.

Good Practice Information

Baseline Configuration Data Files (BCDF) is a methodology that implies the analysis of the complete value chain in the development of nanotechnology based products. That methodology was implemented by the CSIC within the European Research project “IP NANOKER - Structural Ceramic Nanocomposites for top-end Functional Applications” (Contract nº.: NMP3-CT-2005-515784, Sixth Framework Programme). BCDF is partly based on the Configuration Management (CM), originally related to software developments, defined as the unique identification, controlled storage, change control and status reporting of selected intermediate work products, product components and products during the life of a system. In the frame of the project IP Nanoker, the BCDF was implemented during the first 5 months of the work programme which were devoted to design 15 different product and process developments.
The implementation of such methodology requires the participation of all actors involved in all the value chain on the Research to Market Route of a product. It helps as a tool to define the technical requirements, risks, technical and financial resources needed in order to guarantee the best chances of success for the development and marketing of a product by a RTC. At Research Centers, the personal required for implementing the BCDF is usually available when scientific competences are necessary whereas external expertise could be eventually needed for the resolution of some technical aspects (up-scaling the production) and marketing issues since in the case of Technological Centers external competences are generally required in the scientific and marketing aspects of the implementation of the BCDF.

Evidence of success

Following the successful implementation related to the best use of all relevant resources in “IP Nanoker” the BCDF were put in practice in the frame of the nano4m project for the establishment of the methodology employed to perform the work of the Expert Groups for the case studies in Component 4. It helped to define the Basic Questionnaires (BQ) which were used as a fundamental tool by each Expert Group in order to identify barriers and bottlenecks on the Research to Market Routes for the nanoproducts selected. The tool helped to guarantee the success of the Expert Groups for each Case Study. The BQ has allowed to define the entire value chain, the status of existing competences into the RTCs and the eventual needs for external expertise for overcoming the barriers identified on the R2M routes like the up-scaling of the production and specific marketing issues of the selected nanoproducts.

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Prof. Ramón Torrecillas




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