Local travel plan networks (Better Bankside and Cambridge Science Park)

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Index: 0323R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location UNITED KINGDOM EAST OF ENGLAND Cambridge (London is also involved, not possible to specify more than one location in preceding sub-sections of section 2.3) East Anglia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005 (London) 2009 (Cambridge)
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

Mobility Management

Good Practice Information

The Better Bankside Traven Plan and the Travel Plan Plus are good examples of how to reduce car traffic to, from, and within workplace or business areas.
The Better Travel Plan is a package of measures and initiatives which aims to reduce the need to travel, and encourage all those working in, living in and visiting Bankside to select the most sustainable mode of transport for their journey to, from and within the Bankside area. It also aims to increase and improve travel options for these users. The Better Bankside travel plan is one of the first area-wide travel plans in the UK. Better Bankside is a Business Improvement District (BID), an independent, business-owned and led company, which seeks to improve a given location for commercial activity. Better Bankside's members are 300 companies who pay its annual 'levy'.
The Cambridge Science Park is involved in a project called Travel Plan Plus (TP+), that will join the Science Part with Cambridge's Business Park, Regional College, St John's Innovation Park and Taylor Vinters Solicitors in a network to work together on promoting more sustainable travel to the area. By managing many initiatives in a network, the project will make travel planning effective, efficient and well co-ordinated. The TP+ project has established travel plan networks in several urban areas across Europe, including Cambridge.

The Better Bankside Travel Planning Group is a joint initiative of Better Bankside and Southwark Council. The Group is open to all employers within the Better Bankside BID and welcomes members who are employers elsewhere in north Southwark. There is also a travel planning theme group for the Better Bankside Travel Plan involving local businesses. Regarding the Cambridge Science Park, the Travel for Work Partnership (TfW) is managing the Cambridge element of the TP+ project on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Better Bankside Travel Planning Group is responsible for: implementing projects and other measures to help meet the travel plan targets; promoting the concept of the travel plan and its related projects; reviewing travel plan progress both in terms of meeting targets and implementing projects, as well as ensuring that sections are updated as and when necessary. The Better Bankside travel programme includes: with other partners, installing some 50 new cycle stands in public areas; Bikefest, a programme of events offering local employees bike servicing, a folding bike roadshow, advice on bicycle security and guided bike rides; a programme of guided walks and a link from the online interactive map and travel tools on the Better Bankside website to the Walk2Go website, which details 50 walking routes in the Bankside area; promoting travel planning to member businesses, including the Bankside launch of Transport for London’s Enterprise scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises, support for the idea of closing Stoney Street to traffic when Borough Market is operating. Overall direction for the project involving Cambridge Science Park is provided by the TP+ steering group which meets on a regular basis and is made up of representatives from both large and small organisations across the area and the various park managers. The travel plan network benefits include: access to commuter centre; discounts with local cycle stores; train season ticket discounts; car sharing information; cycle ‘freebies’; pedometers (for encouraging walking to work or lunchtime walks); free usage of electric pool bikes; commuter centre open to employees who work across the area to visit and obtain advice and information on sustainable transport options.
The Better Bankside Travel Plan receives support from other partners, notably Southwark Council, the EU (through the OPTIMUM2 project) and Transport for London.

Evidence of success

As a result of local travel plan network activities there is growing awareness of TP+ amongst employers and employees, and increased interest in receiving the regular electronic newsletter. A portfolio of travel plan implementation is being developed by the TP+ steering group. Monitoring data has been collected throughout the project. This includes a recent travel survey, which will examine the short term impact of the local travel plan network. Results of the evaluation and highlights of the travel plan portfolio will be publicly available from summer 2011.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Better Bankside Travel Plan / Gary Armstrong, TP+ Coordinator Tammy Liu, TP+ Senior Administrator

The Community Space/ Cambridgeshire County Council

rb@betterbankside.co.uk/ Gary.Armstrong@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk Email Tammy.Liu@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Better Bankside Travel Plan - www.betterbankside.co.uk/travel. Cambridge Science Park - www.travelplanplus.org.uk/, draft area travel plan available at www.tfw.org.uk/documents/TPPLUSNTPDEC09DRAFT_000.doc.

Annex completed on: 04-27-2011

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