Accessibility in public areas for disabled people

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Index: 0323R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location AUSTRIA SÜDÖSTERREICH Graz Steiermark

Topic of the practice

Accessible Transport

Good Practice Information

The City of Graz demonstrates a good example of improved accessibility of urban public space for disabled people thus enhancing their mobility. The City has created barrier free measures and tactile surfaces in public spaces and toilets, at crossings and traffic lights, on pavements and at public transport stops. Maintenance of these facilities and surfaces includes dealing with the impact of snowy and icy conditions in the winter.
The construction experts and construction enterprise will be useful for cities planning to do similar actions and to help these cities avoid further construction problems and construct barrier free measures and tactile surfaces in public spaces to enable mobility to all. For example: through an exchange of this good practice, the city of Maribor is the first city in Slovenia to build barrier free measures in city centre and has with the help of Pimms Transfer and the city of Graz sensitized public opinion and policy makers to start resolving mobility problems of disabled people.

Evidence of success

Lessons learnt included identifying and resolving construction problems, for example finding appropriate materials for building tactile surfaces. Graz has produced a manual for barrier free measures construction. From this, the city of Maribor began in Oct 2010 with project implementation for constructing barrier free measures in the city centre to enable accessibility for disabled people. The infrastructure project is part financed by ERDF and experts were faced to construction problems and construction materials. We took the opportunity Graz offered - their construction experts showed how they resolved construction problems. Maribor used Graz best practice to publish a manual for barrier free measures construction like Graz did and showed in our first study visit in December 2009.

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Heike Falk

City of Graz

Information on accessibility measures

Annex completed on: 04-27-2011

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