Creation of university credits on renewable sources and energy efficiency

Project information

Index: 0006R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Various Lazio

Topic of the practice

Regional financing for provision of training modules to universities in the Lazio region

Good Practice Information

Training credits in renewable energy and energy efficiency have been established in three Universities present in Rome: “La Sapienza”, “Tor Vergata” and “Roma Tre”, as well as two other Universities present in the regional territory: the University of Cassino and the University of Viterbo “La Tuscia”. Following the signing of the agreement between Lazio Region and the five Universities, regional funds were used to finance the introduction in all faculties of a specific course dedicated to renewable sources and energy saving, the creation of an e-learning platform, the creation of dedicated websites and on-line courses, production of training materials, and the installation of a photovoltaic plant for demonstrative purposes. The specific courses on renewables and energy efficiency are organised in three modules based on the learning levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. These are compulsory for “La Sapienza” where any student has to pass an exam on these course topics in order to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, regardless of the faculty they are studying in This represents a guarantee that students from all faculties, including the non-scientific ones, may acquire knowledge on the topics. The other Universities preferred to provide the same course on a voluntary basis.

Evidence of success

A consistent number of university students have been participating in the courses. Each university created a dedicated website and launched the required courses, some of them also on-line. Training materials have been produced and distributed in specific seminars organized during the academic term to sponsor the initiated courses.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Iosella Bruschi

Regione Lazio

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