Climate Change Policy Framework

Project information

Index: 0301R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location UNITED KINGDOM SOUTH WEST Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2008-01-01
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

A partnership approach to integrate climate change as a cross-cutting theme within Cornwall's policy framework

Good Practice Information

Cornwall Council commissioned the Cornwall Climate Change Action Plan (3CAP) in 2008. A cross-sector partnership approach was implemented to develop an action plan for Cornwall targeting both mitigation and adaptation. The 3CAP aimed to provide a programme of actions and evidence base so that Cornwall could secure its status as a leader in sustainability. It consisted of a series of sector specific options and issue papers which were developed through task groups to identify key aims and priority actions. The 3CAP reached an advanced stage but was not formally adopted by the Council due to funding constraints. However, this partnership approach has been continued within a number of key sectors and supports climate change action in Cornwall moving forward.
Since the 3CAP there have been a number of additional policies developed within Cornwall Council to progress this agenda moving forwards. This includes the drafting of a Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Document and the Core Strategy. Cornwall Council has also undertaken a comprehensive onshore renewable energy resource mapping exercise to support renewable energy developments in the region. The Core Strategy is an important planning document which will establish the context for future growth and development within Cornwall and will set the framework for all subsequent development plan documents. The Core Strategy has been subjected to a Sustainability Appraisal and aims to incorporate sustainability issues. In addition, Cornwall Development Company has developed a draft Low Carbon Economic Delivery Plan for Cornwall which is currently out for discussion with key partners and stakeholders. This aims to prioritise actions moving forward and guide investment.

Evidence of success

The evidence base and papers produced through the 3CAP resulted in a number of key successes achieving real outcomes for Cornwall. This included the development of a detailed greenhouse gas inventory for Cornwall and initiated a partnership approach within the region. This is particularly evident within the agricultural sector and the skills and business communities where active partnership engagement on this agenda is still progressing. In addition, the developing policy framework and renewable energy resource mapping is supporting the integration of sustainability issues within the planning framework and provides a supporting framework for renewable energy developments. The Low Carbon Economic Delivery Plan aims to build on this, prioritising those actions which will support economic growth in Cornwall.

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Lisa Goodall

Cornwall Development Company

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