Creation of a regional Energy Management Agency

Project information

Index: 0006R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport

Topic of the practice

Promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at the Maramures County level

Good Practice Information

The Maramures Regional Energy Agency aims to be a qualified body that carries out activities in the community’s interest. The Agency’s main objective is to contribute to the county’s sustainable development by promoting energy efficiency, energy management and the use of renewable energy resources. This should improve the way in which energy is produced and used, increase energy security, control climatic changes, invigorate economic growth, create new jobs and achieve a higher quality of life for the people in a cleaner environment. The Agency will help local authorities to formulate and implement energy strategies and policies for green acquisitions. It will put effort into informing the public and private businesses on energy legislation and current issues. The agency will focus on environmental education as well, in order to raise awareness about the need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and production facilities and to use energy rationally. The general purpose of the Agency is to: promote the sustainable energy concept and energy management principles at the level of the local authorities, education, health institutions, businesses (irrespective of the type of ownership), etc.; transpose at local, regional and national level the Community acquis of European energy policy; encourage the introduction of renewable and energy efficient technologies on the local market; change the mentality and behaviour of energy users; promote local interests at regional, national, European and international level; attract funding for local economic and social development programs and projects in the field of energy and environmental protection as well as in other related fields; promote the existing funding mechanisms (national programmes, FREE, BERD, etc.). The Agency was funded through the EU's Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

Evidence of success

Maramures County Council made a commitment to increase its share of renewable energy and boost energy efficiency in the county. The creation and activities of the Agency during the 3 years of EU funding has to result in 5 RES projects, 1000 MWh energy saved due to the application of EE measures, energy certification of 15 public buildings, 6 cooperative agreements with external partners, 12 information and dissemination events, 6 energy information campaigns, 4000 young people initiated in energy efficiency issues, 1 energy master plan, inventory of energy consumption and production

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Adina Dumitru

Maramures County

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