MARCONI – Eco industrial Park

Project information

Index: 0279R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-EST Fidenza Emilia-Romagna Start/End date of the practice
Start: April 8th 2008
End: on going

Topic of the practice

A project to restructure and renew a brownfield industrial park. “National programme to restructure derelict and heavily polluted industrial areas in Italy.”Business network and sustainability

Good Practice Information

The project has two interrelated aims:
1. Development of a sustainable industrial territory;
2. Improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises located in an industrial park through the provision and support of innovative activities.
The remediation of industrial land for new uses, revitalisation of the space, the creation of new firms and jobs, and formation of new skills in the town of Fidenza.
Specific objectives:
1. guarantee an improvement in the environmental quality and ‘livability’ of working spaces within the municipality;
2. strengthen the relationship of working and living spaces within the urban areas;
3. improvement of linkages between services, people and companies;
4. creation of multifunctional spaces suitable for a wide range of productive uses;
5. creation of efficient technological infrastructures; and
6. enhancement of environmental standards.
Process and detailed content of the practice:
The environmental renewal and the reutilization of the Marconi Area complements the national strategic programme of environmental preservation, industrial re-organization and economic and social development. Locally a key strategic role is the development of a consensual agreement between the different actors: public authorities (local and national), civil society, companies and development agency.
In the Emilia Romagna region the BAIP Manager plays an innovative role by contributing to the development and implementation of this agreement,

Evidence of success

The practice is integral to national and regional policies; the public authorities are involved in every phase of the project. indicators of success:115.310 s.m. renewaled,34.350 s. m .transformed in public green, n° 9companies safeguarded, n° 60 companies will be seated, n°300 job safeguarde, n°600 job will created, threegeneration energy central will be realized with termic power of 2MW and electric power of 750 KW.
The project has already commenced and the monitoring of targets and performance is being carried out on a regular basis to ensure that the project’s evolution achieves the goals and results specified in the original plans (economic outputs, policy targets, financial controls, public consultation objectives, etc).
Success factors:
The strong coordination between the different public authorities and at different levels; and the technical role and competency of the development agency Soprip.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Architecte Gilioli

Municipality of Fidenza

0039 0524 517111

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