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Project information

Index: 0271R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Barcelona Cataluña Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2001

Topic of the practice

Business capacity and internationalisation of creative industries. The main focus of Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission is to promote Catalonia as a natural location for filming.

Good Practice Information

The programme is aimed to promote Catalonia as a natural location for filming,providing the national and the international audiovisual sector with information about the advantages of shooting in Barcelona and Catalonia, which also helps to advertise the country.The Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission focuses on four main areas of activity regarding coordinating shoots in the city of Barcelona. This involves:
● Handling shoot permits, acting as a bridge between production companies and the City Police Information and Procedures Office, and with other organisations and owners of locations if necessary.
● Mediating between production companies and the municipal departments and organisations that own the locations in order to obtain special conditions and to make shoots easier.
● Applying for exemption and/or reduction of fees for cultural productions (full-length features,
documentaries, shorts) and for student productions, at locations owned by the city and at sites of outstanding interest.● Providing production companies with information about locations, production services and all other information connected with audiovisual production. With the aim of offering its services to all Catalan towns and companies interested in shooting at their locations, the Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission offers:
● Towns: tools to coordinate and promote their locations and local industry, developed by the Film Commission over the course of ten years’ experience in Barcelona.
● Professionals: useful information and advice about making audiovisual productions in Catalan towns.

Evidence of success

More then 10 years of successfull operation.The success of the Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission
is confirmed by the figures: among all the shoots that took place during 2009 (1,676 productions), the morefrequent types were photography (370), short films (330) and advertisement spots (292), followed by TV entertainment programmes (180) and TV documentaries (128).
In 2009 Catalonia was the location for up to 51 feature films for the cinema industry.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mrs. JULIA GOYTISOLO, director of the Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission:

Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission

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