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Index: 0266R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location UNITED KINGDOM NORTH WEST Manchester Greater Manchester Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2011-02-17

Topic of the practice

digital strategy; ICT

Good Practice Information

Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) is part of the Regeneration Division of Manchester City Council (Municipality) and is responsible for the co-ordination and development of the digital strategy for Manchester. MDDA works with many partners, including local digital sector businesses, to deliver the outcomes of the digital strategy through a range of grant funded projects. This includes assisting public sector organizations in Manchester to produce clear specifications of ICT projects they wish to implement.

The goal of the project is to support the economic regeneration of Manchester through the strategic and practical work of technology-focused projects; by successfully designing, developing and implementing sustainable digital initiatives across the city. This enables the organizations that MDDA works with to clearly define ICT projects so that they can get value for money, establish clear management processes in place to make the projects sustainable and have clearly defined Key Performance Indicators, when measuring the impact of the project on their citizens. One good example of this is working with the Manchester Digital (MD) trade association which supports the growth of the digital sector in the city. The sector is the biggest in the UK after London and one of the biggest in Europe. It unites creative, marketing and media with technology, software and ICT. The Manchester Digital trade association was founded in 2001 to support and foster the growth of companies in the local digital sector and now has over 250 active members representing a strong network of people and businesses who work as suppliers or users of digital services and technology. MDDA works with MD to understand the needs and wishes of the digital sector so that this can be used to develop new digital initiatives to support economic regeneration, e.g. through local people gaining the skills they need to access new job opportunities in the digital sector. It is MDDA’s responsibility to lead the development and implementation of this policy to achieve Manchester’s goals of becoming the UK’s leading knowledge economy. This involves stimulating economic growth through the successful implementation of ICT programmes, projects and initiatives. For example, improving professional skills, access to capacity building workshops, education and increasing international investment for the city-region.

Evidence of success

The main evidence of success is the continued growth of the digital sector in the city, including the safeguarding of jobs created to date and the creation of new jobs in the future. The sector is mainly based on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), many of which are micro-enterprises employing an average of 5 employees. The sector has double in size in the past five years and, in spite of the current crisis, is holding up well. It is estimated that the MD member companies employ more than 2,000 people which would represent a growth of approx. 1,000 new jobs during that period.

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Dave Carter


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