Almere Fiber Pilot

Project information

Index: 0266R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location NETHERLANDS OOST-NEDERLAND Almere Flevoland Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2001-01-01

Topic of the practice

Next generation fiber optic broadband network

Good Practice Information

This project is considered an important precondition for the establishment of Almere as a Smart City and was meant to serve the opportunity of applying ICT for a better quality of life by means of developing new services in the field of: living, working, learning and welfare.
The goal of the project is to speed up sustainable economic growth and enhance social inclusion. The impact is the enhancing of the quality of life, independence and social strength.
One of the key success factors was the fact that the roll out was done is several different phases. Roadmap:
• 2001: Establishment of SARA Computing & Networking Services, creating the Almere Internet Exchange (ALM-IX connected with AMS-IX), the centre of the Almere Fiber Network and data centre facilities
• 2003: Almere Fiber Pilot, first building site of Almere Fiber City in public private partnership
• 2006: FttI-backbone, fiber connectivity for public offices and schools
• 2006: FttB-expanding the backbone, fiber connectivity for business parks
• 2007-2010: FttH, expanding the network to the whole city in public private partnership

Evidence of success

Some results of the project are:
• Attracted new (ICT) companies: created 1000 new jobs and fast growing in the media sector and datacenters • Retention of SME’s: retention of 1000 jobs • Presence of advanced Broadband Services Center • Over € 450M new investments in the city • All basic schools connected saved the city € 5M
• Pupils & Teachers have internet broadband access • Increase of community websites (social benefits)
• Development of innovative broadband services • Increase of interest of public organizations and companies to develop a common strategic agenda

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Tamer el Masri G.T.M. Jansen

Almere Knowledge Foundation

Annex completed on: 04-12-2011

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