EQUALITY” : Quality and social responsibility

Project information

Index: 0259R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Ancona Marche Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-01-07
End: 2008-01-06

Topic of the practice

Socially responsible public procurement

Good Practice Information

Developed within C.I.P. Equal E.S.F. 2000-2006 Round 2 – Priority 2.2 – Entrepreneurship (Project code IT-G2-MAR-008).Total cost: € 804.451,148 (€ 402.225,57 ESF - € 281.557,90 National Fund - € 120.667,67 Regional fund)..Description:Adequate management of work placement requires a variety of interested parties to be mobilized and coordinated: the commissioning services from the relevant catchment Area (Zona Territoriale), the Local Administration Social Services, Social Cooperatives, Associations and Enterprises which take on workers who are at a disadvantage. The process of certification of work placement activities with work scholarships for individuals affected by pathological addictions and/or mental difficulties has worked in defining spaces for better-structured interaction between the individuals involved in the process and, as a result, in making the service more effective.
Beneficiaries:a) Disadvantaged workers that are victims of exclusion because of the clear difficulties they face (physical, mental and learning difficulties).b) Non-disadvantaged workers of Social cooperatives that resent discontinuities in professional development.c) Both categories that are at risk of unemployment because of discontinuity in contract-awarding d) The home-care sector that is underdeveloped because of the low professional profile of operators currently on the market. Stakeholders involved: Trade Unions, Federation of cooperatives enterprises, Public territorial bodies, Social and retirements homes.

Evidence of success

Results:1.public bodies applying a certifiable quality system to their services with a great impact on processes and products;2.soc.coop.of the local catchment area implementing a qualifications system to regulate their activities, processes and products and to improve their competitiveness;3.setting up a quality-system oriented to the training of the carers, disadvantaged and/or non-disadv.workers employed it involved Soc.coop., so as to promote professional development leading to greater value on the labour market;4.creating a network of public and private concerns.The project’s success factors are given by its innovative gear and elements.It has been able to introduce the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and the social resp.system SA 8000 into different contexts which interact in the field of work placement.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

ASUR Zona Territoriale 9 di Macerata

equalzt9@yahoo.it - raffaella.triponsi@regione.marche.it

www.equalita.eu - www.equalityproject.eu

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