Business reception (BuRe)

Project information

Index: 1348R4
Acronym:Young SMEs
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location GERMANY RHEINLAND-PFALZ Koblenz Koblenz

Topic of the practice

The business reception of the Lord Mayor of the City of Koblenz - The event gives the opportunity to interact in intensive discussions with business partners as well as to socialize new contacts for possible new projects in the future between business, authorities, education, research and politicians.

Good Practice Information

Once a year Koblenz hosts the business reception of the Lord Mayor of the City of Koblenz, organized and realized by the Department of Economic Development. On behalf of the lord mayor roundabout 500 managing directors and representatives of authorities are invited (300-350 guests). The organization ensures that all successful businesses are invited as well as the Young Entrepreneurs (SMEs)
This event is a possibility for the SMEs to establish themselves in the regional economy and to make an exchange of experiences, which can be helpful especially for start-up companies. Groups targeted: companies from industry, trade, commerce and services, representatives of public authorities, armed forces and other business partners of the Dep. of Ec. Development. Financial: 10.000-15.000€.

Evidence of success

It has been held with great success and an attendance of 300-350 guests

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Economic Development Office

City of Koblenz

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