From Insight to Action

Project information

Index: 0226R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location SWEDEN ÖSTRA SVERIGE Stockholm Stockholm Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1-11-2005
End: 31-1-2010

Topic of the practice

The purpose of the programme was to increase the business opportunities and strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs through the use of IT in operational projects in three programme areas: eInvoicing, eBusiness and information support.

Good Practice Information

The overall purpose of the programme is to booste the business opportunities for the SMEs.
This is mainly to be achieved through operational projects within the eInvoicing, eBusiness and information support areas of activities. Funds have been granted to projects in all three areas:
I. The eInvoice activities have mainly been run by municipalities and county councils, which, in their capacity as large buyers, have wanted to connect their suppliers to systems for electronic invoice processing. During the programme period 18 eInvoicing projects have been implemented and together they have reached around 4300 companies.
II. The eBusiness activities are intended to support networks of companies in the introduction of secure eBusiness solutions, where the project funds have been used to purchase external expertise. To be granted project funds at least four small and/or medium-sized companies have to join one and the same project.
In order to facilitate business and business cooperation, this type of activity is mainly run by the companies’ own organisations. Moreover, the companies that collaborate with one another in each project often already have ongoing business cooperation. Eleven eBusiness projects have been implemented within the programme.
III. Information support is mainly aimed at non-profit organisations with the task of reaching out via the Internet so as to provide companies with general information, process support and guidance/expertise. The projects implemented in this area (a total of four) are, broadly speaking, of a more general nature. However, one of the organisations has adopted a more operational focus as it is bringing companies together around a common brand for safe eBusiness, and this is also the project that is the subject of this evaluation.
The total budget for the program was 12 MEuros, 3 M from the Government and 9M from the companies and regional or local authorities.

Evidence of success

• From Insight to Action displays certain differences compared to previous IT programmes – the stress has been shifted from the original plan, from e-business to e-invoicing, as a result of a change of government.
• On the whole the programme has implemented planned activities, with certain amendments due, in part, to the alteration of the government assignment.
• At a general level the programme has received positive feedback from project managers/project owners and steering groups, and has been implemented in an effective way.
• Activities aimed at the horizontal objectives have not been implemented to the extent that would have been desirable. It is recommended that in the future clear and specific targets are produced concerning the horizontal perspectives.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Tony Meurke

TILLVAXVERKET - The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Annex completed on: 12-16-2011

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