2BDigital: Internet as an international marketing tool

Project information

Index: 0226R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Barcelona Cataluña Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-

Topic of the practice

The 2BDigital initiative was created in 2006 aiming to support the incorporation of Internet on the Internationalization strategies of Catalan SMEs. Internet was turning into a powerful tool to reach potential customers worldwide so ACC1Ó created a methodology to develop international digital marketing plans and found the best experts in the region to implement it.

Good Practice Information

The 2BDigital methodology is divided in two stages, the strategic planning and the action planning, each one is 30 hours of consultancy long.
The main points of the strategic planning are:
- Digital market analysis: the targeted audience behaviour, the competitor’s presence and the sector sites are analyzed on Internet.
- Objectives settings: Measurable objectives are defined focusing on the SME targeted markets and audiences.
- Site definition: Website structure, content definition and follow up on the developing process applying usability techniques in order to optimize the user’s experience.
The main points of the action planning are:
- SEO/SEM strategies: keywords analysis, competition’s benchmark and definition of actions to attract potential customers in the target markets through SEO and SEM campaigns.
- Presence in Marketplaces: Track down and analysis of the most suitable marketplaces to generate international business opportunities for the company.
- Social Media Strategy: Detect social networks, blogs, forums or other sites with users’ participation and develop campaigns generating business opportunities.
- Analytics to calculate the ROI: Setting up of web analytics tools in order to optimize the digital marketing plan performance.

Evidence of success

Since 2006 more than 250 projects has been executed by Catalan SMEs from all kinds of sectors generating business opportunities in their targeted markets. The 2BDigital methodology has been successfully improving through thee years adapting to changes in the media.The service is delivered by international digital marketing experts and coordinated by ACC1Ó.

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Carles Revilla




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