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Project information

Index: 0216R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location ITALY NORD-EST Veneto Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2001-03-01
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

La Casa Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2001. The foundation promotes positive actions and projects aiming at solving housing and social problems of Italian and foreign families. Its main goal is to facilitate their integration into the social and economic environment. Within its partnership there are public bodies and private organisations.

Good Practice Information

Since the 90s, because industry (especially manufacturing and services) in Veneto lacked local workforce, employers started hiring migrants workers (as percentage of the total population an increase from 1% at the beginning of nineties to 7,5% of the first decade of the millennium and to 11% in 2010). The territory didn't have an appropriate service network to receive them: migrants had problems with bureaucracy and language and in dealing with public authorities for residence permits, difficulties in finding a decorous rented house. Not having housing facilities also represented an obstacle for family reunification, and consequently a great deal of suffering for the lack of loved ones. The first initiatives addressed to housing and social problems were carried out by the civil society and social enterprises.
Starting from this kind of field work of the civil society organisations, the La Casa Foundation was created. Its aim was not to substitute the organisations already working on the issue of housing, but rather to intensify and join their interventions in partnership with public authorities. The main aim of the Foundation, established in 2001, is the promotion of positive actions and policies towards people in housing inconvenience, living in poverty and therefore at risk of social exclusion. It intervenes through its network of social enterprises with short-time assistance and care, medium-term social housing assistance and long-time programme towards the autonomy. In this sense the Foundation empowers civil society organisations. Furthermore, the Foundation is a strong interlecutor with institutional actors dealing with housing policies and as a concrete answer to the employers needs in looking for a decorous accomodation for foreign workers.

Evidence of success

The Foundation has many properties in Veneto Region to allocate for social purposes: in the Province of Padua, Venice, and Rovigo. Through the brand AISA 8 local desks located in the Provinces of Venice, Rovigo and Padua offer free social assistance for housing matters. In 2014 "the meaning of hospitality" was organised: a theatrical event with words, music, images and the foods of the countries of origin.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Maurizio Trabuio

La Casa Foundation (Fondazione La Casa), Via Del Commissario 42, 35124 Padova, IT

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