Glasade Gången

Project information

Index: 0216R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location SWEDEN ÖSTRA SVERIGE Stockholm Start/End date of the practice
Start: in 2008
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

Glasade Gången is a day center with activities for grown up people with learning difficulties. The main idea is to run a restaurant with catering and conference facilities like an ordinary work place in the society where social meetings take place. A meaningful work is important for every persons development and contributes to a better self confidence as well as increasing the quality of life.

Good Practice Information

The basis for the project started already 22 years ago but the current project Glasade Gången restaurant and conference started in 2008. The aim is to provide meaningful work and integrate people with learning difficulties into the society. Furthermore to give them the opportunity to work in the open labour market. There should also always be an opportunity to try various work tasks and with developed skills be able to move on to the next task. Total budget for the project is €1.385.730,00. Glasade Gången has had two projects. The project "Steget framåt" works with development of daily activities, and gives trainee possibilities. The other project "Modellarbetsplatsen" is a project whose aim is to highlight the skills of the staff and to strengthen the professional identity and the staffs self-esteem. The project is now also a part of the EU-project Carpe.

Evidence of success

People with learning difficulties have found their roles and a meaningful work at Glasade Gången. The service of the restaurant and the conference are highly demanded. The model is based on development of public-private social cluster with an active participation of the City of Stockholm. Glasade Gången is expanding their operation and has now also a café "Café Hitom" and a production of chocolate. The model has displayed great interest both in Sweden and in and outside the EU. Glasade Gången receive many study visits, not only from Sweden but the whole Europe and also other continents. It won City's Quality Award 2013 in the category "Other residential care."

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Eva Hjalmarsson

Glasade Gången, Tellusborgsvägen 71 126 29 Hägersten Sweden

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