Municipal waste consultancy

Project information

Index: 1294R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Waste management
Location AUSTRIA SÜDÖSTERREICH Steiermark Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1984/85 Concept development 1986 start of qualification measures 1986–2000 nationwide implementati

Topic of the practice

Waste management, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), prevention, reuse, recycling, environmental education

Good Practice Information

As an innovative solution to severe waste issues in the 1980s a small NGO (ARGE, Association for Waste Prevention) developed the concept of municipal environment & waste consultant and soon implemented it nationwide with labour agency funding.
The idea was to educate people, to foster waste prevention & separate waste collection instead of letting the public pay for expensive technical solutions.
Stakeholders: ARGE, national, regional & local authorities, Water & Waste Management Association & Association of Waste Consultants
Financial resources: initially funded by national Labour agency, Ministry of environment & Province of Styria
Key success factors: cost efficiency, using human resources first, with a simple message (prevention and education instead of expensive end-of-pipe treatment)

Evidence of success

- 340 consultants (1/25000 inh.), 30000 waste management jobs (1/270 inh.)
- Separate collection: from ~0 to >70% within 15 years in many regions
- Recovery (incl. energy recovery): 70%
- Disposal: <3%
- Recovery income reduces costs for municipalities and waste fees for households
-Initial labour market investment (1984-2000) of 15M€ created a yearly wage tax income of 60M€ through 20000 new jobs

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Wilhelm Himmel

Office of the Federal State Government of Styria – Division Waste Management and Sustainability

Annex completed on: 08-28-2014

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