Creation of support institutions for local craftsmen

Project information

Index: 1261R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location LATVIA LATVIJA Latvija Start/End date of the practice
Start: 03.2009.
End: 05.2011.

Topic of the practice

creation of workshops, providing of consultations, increasing attractiveness of the region, creation of meeting point for local craftsmen and inhabitants, rising awareness about local craftsmen, attracting tourists etc.

Good Practice Information

Main aim of initiative was to create crafts centres in order to support local craftsmen, inhabitants and increase economical and tourism capacity of the region.
Target group: local municipalities, craftsmen, inhabitants, tourists
Totally nine Crafts Centres were created in properties owned by municipalities. Part of them created on the base of existing crafts studio, but some centres are created
in schools, old, empty buildings which were totally reconstructed and fitted for a needs of craftsmen. Main functions of crafts centre: provide consultations on legal basis, taxes, internet marketing possibilities etc., provide exhibitions hall for local craftsmen production. Centres are used as meeting point for craftsmen, place where workshops and masterclasses are organized etc.

Evidence of success

Regular workshops, masterclasses and exhibitions. At least 9 coordinators hired and payed by municipalities. Children and local inhabitants spend their free time in crafts centre improving their crafts skills. At least 15 craftsmen have possibility to work in new workshops and with new instruments. At least 5 centres have become as municipality centre and attraction point on tourists.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Linda Šarķe-Fedjajeva

Zemgale Planning Region

Annex completed on: 06-04-2013

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