KU Leuven research & development (LRD)

Project information

Index: 1222R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location BELGIQUE-BELGIË VLAAMS GEWEST Leuven Prov. Vlaams-Brabant Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1972

Topic of the practice

Research collaboration and Creation of new research-oriented & innovative spin-off companies

Good Practice Information

LRD consists of a multidisciplinary team of over 70 experts who guide researchers in their interactions with industry and society,and provide support for the exploitation of their research results.These activities comprise 4 main elements.First, LRD manages all research collaboration agreements between the university and the colleges,which together make up the KU Leuven Association, and industry.
LRD’s second activity is the commercialization of the intellectual property of the KU Leuven Assoc.Thirdly,LRD stimulates the creation of new spin-off companies by giving entrepreneurs the appropriate guidance to the KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Seed Capital Fund.Finally,LRD plays an important role in the knowledge-driven reg. economic development and the construction of science parks & incubators

Evidence of success

The unique combination of stimulating applied knowledge and technology on the one hand and providing support and regulatory framework together with providing access to finance and incubation. Without these, numerous promising R&D projects would not have a chance to realise an industrial proof-of-concept or produce a convincing prototype for the market.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Paul Van Dun

KU Leuven Research and Development



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