Geo-exchange in space heating and cooling

Project information

Index: 0192R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location ITALY NORD-EST Venice Veneto Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2000
End: on-going

Topic of the practice

Geo-exchange system for heating/cooling of buildings

Good Practice Information

The nature of this practice consists on the fact that the “Ground Coupled Heat Pump” provides efficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply to the buildings. The system exploits the favorable heat transfer properties of water and the mild ground temperature, which remains almost constant throughout the year (independently of external weather conditions). One of the important advantage is, that this system does not emit greenhouse gases. Due to this fact can be consider an innovative and environmental friendly system of heating/cooling. The stakeholders of this GCHP system are in the main line, the citizens and owners of residential buildings, especially in the middle latitudes where the requirements of both heating and cooling is always increasingly needed. Furthermore, the costs of installation and exploitation of GHSP technology are much more advantageous than any others. Even if the cost of earth connection is high, going forward, initial costs can be paid off in less than 7 years, because of the lower operating costs.

Evidence of success

- it is demonstrated that in cooling mode it uses less electricity (30%) than air source heat pumps of latest technology, while in heating mode, the energy saving can be about the 60% in particular conditions (when the electricity is generated by combined natural gas power plants);
- this system takes 1Kw of electrical energy, and turn it into a useful 3Kw of heat energy;
- versatile use in more part of the world and especially in the middle latitudes where the requirements of both heating and cooling is always increasingly needed;
- it aims to reduce CO2 emissions
- is an alternative energy resource that can be used independently from external weather variation

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice


Veneto Region - Geology and Geo-resources Dept. Water Protection Unit,Calle Priuli-Cannaregio, 99 - 30121 Venice (Italy)

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